Ecocard is another of the many options for poker players to make deposits. Just like every deposit method, it is a viable option for residents of many countries but is not available to other countries. Using an Ecocard is one of the safer methods for online deposits and they have been in business for quite a few years so they have a strong track record. To learn more about the company, how to use the card and exactly what it is read below.

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What is Ecocard?

Controlled by the parent company named ecopayz and PSI-Pay, they have been doing business since 2000, which is a long time on the Internet. The Ecocard is the branch of the business where you can fund an account and use either a virtual card or receive a physical card that you can in turn use to make a deposit at many poker rooms. They offer multiple currency options and are a worldwide company so they have multiple languages supported as well.

Depending on where you live, you can use several different methods to load your Ecocard including credit or debit cards or a bank wire. The main selling point of using Ecocard is as a workaround to a credit card. Often poker sites have issues getting credit card deposits approved. If this is the case when you try to make a deposit you may be able to use the credit or debit card to load an Ecocard and then use it to make your deposit.

Is It Safe?

Of all of the possible issues with safely and securely depositing funds into your online poker accounts, Ecocard offers many features that help in this area. Using the Ecocard protects all of your personal financial details from the poker rooms and anywhere else you use the card. Once your account is funded, you can use it to deposit at many different rooms, so if you plan to play at several places it offers an added layer of security to your online dealings.

Your online safety and the safety of your financial data start with being responsible enough to protect your information as much as possible. That is why it is so important to research the online poker sites thoroughly before making a deposit.  You have made a good start by visiting here, so take a few minutes to check out our recommendations and read the reviews. You want to make sure the companies you are dealing with have a good track record and are trustworthy. As you read above, a company like Ecocard that has been in business over 15 years is a good place to start.

You also need to make sure you protect the details of your Ecocard account from thieves and hackers. This means never storing your user name and password together and creating strong passwords. Don’t use simple passwords like 12345 or 54321, because thieves know to try these. Another popular one is qwerty across the top of the keyboard. The more difficult you set your password the better your online security will be. If someone accesses your Ecocard account they can use all of the money you have in your account and may be able to access more funds from your bank account if you have used it to fund your card. I’m not trying to scare you, but it is important to use your common sense and not make it easy for a bad person to take advantage of you.

Are There Fees?

The online poker rooms that I am familiar with do not charge fees for making a deposit using your Ecocard account. Depending on how you fund your account there may be fees charged by Ecocard. Read about their deposit options and fee schedule on their web site and in the terms and conditions you agree to when you sign up for a new account. While most poker rooms also don’t charge fees for making a withdrawal using your Ecocard, it is always a good idea to check. Just because they don’t charge you to make a deposit doesn’t mean they will let you withdraw for free.

Why Was My Deposit Declined?

Having an Ecocard deposit declined is very rare and is one of those things that require immediately contacting both Ecocard and the poker room to find out what is going on. Of course if you try to deposit more than you have in your account it can trigger a decline. This can often happen if you mean to enter 100 and accidently hit an extra zero, making it 1,000 instead. It is also possible that the poker room or Ecocard is having a momentary system glitch. You can try again in a few minutes and your transaction may go through without any issues.

How to Deposit Using Ecocard

To make an Ecocard poker deposit, go into the cashier section of your poker room, click on the Ecocard option, enter you card or account details, the amount you want to deposit and a bonus code if you have one. Most ecocard deposits are credited to your online poker account instantly so you can start playing as fast as possible

Does My Poker Room Take Ecocard?

The best way to see if your poker room accepts Ecocard is to sign up for a poker account, download the software or open the no download version if it is available, open the cashier cage area and click on the deposit link or tab. A list of accepted deposit options will be listed and there may even be a description explaining which ones work in which countries. Other places where you can look to see if your poker room takes Ecocard are along the bottom of the main poker site page and on the deposit and withdrawal page on the site. If you can’t find it try to find the site map page. It is often linked to from the bottom of the page on a web site.

What Can I Do If My Site Doesn’t Take Ecocard?

Though it is a popular payment method, Ecocard is not accepted at every online poker room for deposits. When your chosen room does not take it, you can find a room that does or use one of the other deposit options. We have already talked a little bit about credit cards, but you can also try using Western Union, bank wire, eCheck, Ukash, Neteller or Skrill. There are plenty of deposit methods because of all of the different rules and regulations in different countries. The poker rooms spend a great deal of time finding effective ways for their players to make deposits because if they don’t have players playing for real money they won’t make any money on tournament fees and rake. If you are having trouble, contact the support department and ask what methods they have for people in your country that are currently working to get deposits approved.

Can I Use Ecocard To Withdraw My Winnings?

Using your Ecocard account to make a withdrawal from your poker room is usually fast and easy. Once you log in and open the cashier area, find the withdraw tab or link, choose the Ecocard option and how much you want to take out and start the transaction. Once the transaction for the withdrawal is approved by the poker room your money should be in your account quickly. Moving money using Ecocard happens almost instantly.


If you are having problems getting a deposit made at your favorite poker room using a debit or credit card, consider trying an Ecocard account. They offer a safe and easy workaround for this problem for citizens of many countries. You can also use an Ecocard account to help protect your banking details. Sometimes this added level of safety is the difference between having an enjoyable online experience and having it turn into a disaster.

With all of the credit card and banking fraud that you see in the news today, it is to the point that I recommend using some sort of safety method when you are making deposits online. The online wallets work well, as do pre-paid cards and accounts like Ecocard. So whether you choose to use Ecocard or one of the other options that give you added security, I highly recommend taking a proactive approach to the safety of you, your information and your finances.