HoldemRealMoney.com is an authoritative information site. We do not accept wagers. We strive to be as unbiased as possible. As such our privacy policy is also unique. Unlike other sites that collect data we do not. We never collect user identifiable information. We are committed to maintain a confidential experience, where personal information is never shared. We want readers to enjoy our site and the services supplied here.

As an information site we do have affiliate partners. These partners pay us to list them on holdemrealmoney.com. Even though we are paid by these affiliates we do not collect or share data with them. We understand how hard it is to keep your privacy protected. Like you we are avid gamblers on online Texas Holdem sites. We are not going to collect identification information about visitors on our site.

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By using this site, holdemrealmoney.com you are consenting to the terms and conditions as stated in our privacy policy. Any changes we make to the privacy policy will be available here. You may also see our updated section regarding any changes made to ensure your privacy remains the same while you use this site. We do not collect email or other personal identifying information from you.

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As soon as you leave holdemrealmoney.com you are under the privacy policy of another site. It is important that you check this other site’s privacy policy. Their policy may be different, which makes it imperative that you read the individual terms of external sites before you consent to it. Our policy is limited to holdemrealmoney.com. We do not ask nor do we require any personal information from you. If you are asked for it you have either left our site or entered a similar site that is not related to us.

Collection of Non-Identification Information

Cookies are utilized on this site for the express purpose of understanding our visitors. We do not collect non-generic information; however, we may collect information such as what site you entered our information site from. This information is only gathered analytically. If we do collect it at all, it is a way to be more helpful towards you and other visitors.

Information Shared

As stated we do not collect personal data from you; therefore, there is no data to share with our affiliates.

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No data is collected about our visitors or recorded on our site. We supply gambling information only, not a gambling site.