Kinetic Typography is an interesting merging of animation and text, synchronized to sound patterns. It aims to create a powerful medium to convey thoughts and ideas. It is relatively unused in the poker world, but widely adopted in other verticals. Since this is a Texas Hold’em site, we decided to dig up the best poker kinetic typography videos for your viewing pleasure. Some of them are striking, and some are just funny. Anyways, just watch and see. Because a video is worth a million words right ?

Online Gaming Typography

Phil Hellmuth Classic Kinetic Typography Video

A great way to immortalize Phil’s classic brag about his ability to outsmart his opponents and cheat luck.


The video below was created by a student as part of a project, and is a first foray into animating text. The result is pretty good if you ask us.

Poker Poem using Kinetic Typography

Definitively one of the most interesting videos, combing poetry, poker, chips, cards, text and animation. Created by a University student.

Non-Gaming Typography

Here are some of our favorite videos outside of the real gaming space.

The Dark Knight

Definitely one of the best produced videos we’ve seen. Great synchronicity between speech, text, and animation. The underlying effect is that the villain sounds more scary and evil.

Blink 182 – Josie

This lyrics animation video is simply amazing, especially given this was a first attempt at kinetic animation. Reportedly, the creator spent 120 hours over roughly 3 months to produce it. This started as a class project, and quickly spiraled into a great hobby for this person. The end result is fantastic, enjoy.

In conclusion, Kinetic Typography opens up a new medium for players to express themselves in the poker vertical. We see a few key areas that could benefit from this technology: training sites, poker affiliates, and poker rooms for marketing. Note that animated text is often seen as viable alternative to info-graphics in the marketing space, so they also fill that role.