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James Mackey Wins 2016 WPT Choctaw

James Mackey is on fire as he just finished winning the World Poker Tour $3,700 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event, where he was able to make it to the top among the other 1,066 entries in the reentry tournament. This will be a great title and trophy to add to his collection, as he already has a WSOP bracelet from his win in 2007 during the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Event.

Tough Road to First Place

Mackey didn’t have it easy as he walked into the Choctaw Casino Resort for the main event on July 29, but he managed to use his skill to get to the final table and finally win the tournament. He walked away with his WPT trophy, $681,758 first-place prize, and a few other prizes. The final table was not kind, as he had to battle it out with several other great players like Benjamin Zamani and Craig Varnell. The results of the final table:

Place Player Prize
1 James Mackey $681,758
2 Benjamin Zamani $412,234
3 Craig Varnell $306,346
4 Bastian Fischer $230,300
5 Jack Duong $175,122
6 Matthew Smith $134,720
7 Olivier Busquet $104,842
8 Eric Rivkin $82,533
9 Everett Carlton $65,738

Mackey’s prize money was enough to get him over $3 million in live tournament cashes and seems to be his second highest cash payout so far. He started his great career by playing online, where he was able to win lots of money and gain a reputation under the name “”. He was extremely happy with his recent victory, as he stated over twitter:

Final Hand versus Zamani

The final hand he played against Zamani was a good one. Mackey held a pair of Eight of HeartsEight of Diamonds against Zamani’s pair Five of HeartsFive of Clubs. The board ran out 8SSeven of SpadesSix of SpadesJack of SpadesSix of Hearts, which gave Mackey a full house, eights-over-sixes, giving him the pot, the trophy, and the cash. It was a good showing by these two players, and we will see more of Mackey as he won his way into a seat for the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions.