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The 2018 L.A. Poker Classic Rockstar Energy High Roller event finished up this week, featuring a $25,000 buy-in and 50 players registering to take part. The event saw several top players competing with the win eventually going to Alex Foxen. Darren Elias was eliminated in 7th place by Foxen to give the poker player the chip lead going into the final table.

The final table was televised and Foxen would make quick work of his competitors, taking down Isaac Baron in 6th to help extend his chip lead. Soon after, he took out Eli Berg in 5th place, taking a huge lead, holding more than half of the chips at the table.

Next to go would be Sam Panzica, after he went all-in against Nick Petrangelo. Mario Ho would exit next, which would leave Foxen and Petrangelo in heads-up play. Foxen had a huge lead at this point, 7 to 1 over Petrangelo, when the two faced off in the final round of game play.

On the final hand, Foxen would raise from the button with 65,000 and Petrangelo would call. The flop would show 10-8-6 with both players checking. A 4 of hearts on the turn caused Petrangelo to bet 65,000 and Foxen would call. A 2 of clubs on the river saw Petrangello check and Foxen push all-in. Petrangelo would call, showing K-4 off-suit.

Foxen revealed his 6-2 of diamonds for two pair, securing the hand and the title win. The first-place finish would mark the poker pro’s second best live tournament cash out of his career. Foxen’s best score came when he finished in the runner up position last year during the WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic