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2016 WSOP Day 3 Main Event

The preliminary days of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event are over with, as players now join the ranks of the elimination rounds, the point of no return. As we move into Day 4 of the No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament, there are only 800 players left with hopes of being one of the nine players left at the final table. The prize that awaits the winner, the gold bracelet and $8 million first-place cash prize.

Playing the Best Poker They Can

At the end of Day 3, it was obvious that certain players were in the zone, allowing them to come out on top as chip leaders. Many great poker pros’s made it into the top 100 like Melanie Weisner, James Obst, Maria Ho, and Chris Hunichen. Being able to enter the next round as chip leader puts many of these players at an advantage, being able to bully their way through the smaller stacks and taking their time with the slightly bigger stacks.

However, with only 800 players that remain, it will get tougher to win. As we know from previous years, having the most chips doesn’t automatically give you the victory, as there are a lot of cunning and smart pro’s still waiting for their chance to strike with their pocket Aces. You will need to keep an eye on the top 10 players holding the majority of the chips, it will be interesting to see if any of them go head-to-head so early on.

Current Chip Leaders into Day 4

With the top 10 players holding a large amount of the chips will be troublesome for most, but not impossible to beat if the cards are played right. These are the current chip leaders going into Day 4:

Rank Player Chip Count
#1 Kenny Hallaert 1,709,000
#2 Jared Bleznick 1,607,000
#3 Duy Ho 1,480,000
#4 Kilian Kramer 1,400,000
#5 Mark Zullo 1,390,000
#6 Myung Mike Shin 1,385,000
#7 Antonio Esfandiari 1,381,000
#8 Nolan King 1,355,000
#9 Jasith Kumar 1,351,000
#10 Farhad Jamasi 1,302,000

Antonio Esfandiari has been great so far during the Main Event, proving that he rightly deserves the name of “poker pro”. Others, like Weisner, holding onto more than 1 million chips have a strong chance of making it to the next stage, just as her CardPlayer video shows: