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Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $5,250 Championship is a poker event that’s considered big in North America. This time it happened in Florida and the final day was on Tuesday when Brandon Eisen managed to win the trophy and be the best among 914 players who entered the tournament. The prize for the first place was $771,444, and Eisen made a great score with this one.

The cash from career tournaments that Eisen had was more or less similar to the price that he won in SHRPO, which means that he doubled the money that he had won during his lifetime. This is not the first six-figure score for Eisen as he already managed to win $283,895 in one tournament called 2014 Little One for One Drop. However, this was his first big win which is as close to a million as he could get. Will Eisen surprise us in the future and perhaps win a seven-figure prize?

The 115 places in this tournament were paid, and some of the names that did not manage to make it to the final table but still managed to cash out are Cliff Josephy, Matt Berkey, Mike Leah, Jake Bazeley, Loni Harwood, Daniel Strelitz, and Jason Mercier.

The Field Was Loaded

One of the players that almost made it to the final table was Noah Schwartz as he was sent to the rails as the 11th player and ace of hearts and queens of clubs against Eisen’s ace of diamonds and queen of hearts. However, there were four other diamonds on the table, and Schwartz missed the final table by a hair. This made Eisen go to the final table where he was an absolute chip leader and had 7.33 million at 400,000/800,000/800,000. The second largest stack was owned by Stoyan Obreshkov who was at 6.54 million.

The heads-up play was between Eisen and Jeremy Ausmus which turned out to be quite a marathon with more than 80 hands played. This was a huge number as there were only 61 hands played in total for the final table before the heads-up. Ausmus took the lead at one point, and things looked pretty dangerous for Eisen.

However, the turning point happened when they were already 40 hands into play when Eisen three-bet his jack of spades and seven of clubs. Ausmus called the bets with the king of clubs and 10 of spades. Furthermore, Eisen check-called a bet when the king, a ten and a nine flopped. This gave way for Ausmus to raise bets as he had two doubles. However, the turn was eight which means that Eisen had a straight. During the remaining 40 hands, Ausmus wanted to get back into the game and gain his momentum – but all in vain. Eventually, he had to settle for a nice sum of $540,459 which was a sum for the second-placed player.