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Andy Moc

The 2021 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (abbreviated as GUKPT) recorded some of the highest attendance numbers, as many poker players took part in events, including the GUKPT Grand Final Main Event, which attracted a total of 607 entrants who created the prize pool of £1,092,600. Needless to say, this is the largest prize pool in the history of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour.

In the end, the player who managed to claim the lion’s share of the prize pool turned out to be Andy Moc, who claimed a total of £265,350, which is roughly $351,000. It was a great success for Yucel Eminoglu, as well.

Even though the “Mad Turk” lost in the heads-up part of the tournament, he still made a great success jumping from fifth to second place even though he was very short-stacked.

Either way, it wasn’t an easy task for both players, given that the field consisted of many professional real money poker players.

The top 59 contenders had an opportunity to receive a share of the prize pool. Some of the popular names in poker made it to that list, such as Katie Swift, who ended up in 56th place and won £4,400, or Kenny Hallaert, who hit the rail two places after Katie and won the same reward.

Some other players who made it to the money list but failed to make it to the final table are Guy Taylor, Terry Jordon, Jamie O’Connor, James Rann, Richard Ashby, Tom Middleton, and Brandon Sheils.

The Final Table Overview

The final table consisted of nine players, with the remaining players returning to their seats at the felt on December 5. The first player to hit the rail was Mauricio Pais, who managed to win a total of £16,050. Pais was followed by Dan Gormley in the eighth place, who took home £19,250.

The seventh place was reserved for Antonis Poulengeris, who left London with a total of £22,500 in his pocket, and the next player to leave the game was Chun Man, who won £32,100.

Conor O’Driscoll ended up in fifth place and won a total of £43,900 and was followed by Ed Roger, who won £69,600 as the fourth-placed player. Roger was the last player to win a five-figure score.

After him, Moc was dominant at 125 big blinds, Hardcastle had 18, and Eminoglu made it to another round with just seven big blinds. However, Hardcastle was the last player to hit the rail before the heads-up and won £146,226.

This was the time for Eminoglu’s celebration as he made it to the last part of the tournament, but he failed to get a miracle victory and had to settle for the consolation prize of £110,300.

On the last hand, his king-ten was not enough for Moc’s queen-deuce. The flop showed a queen, and Moc had a flush on top of that. Eminoglu had two outs but failed to find them, losing his entire stack along the way.