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Seeing a meteor is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many would say seeing a meteor is a sign of good luck. Just recently a man from Battle Creek, Michigan was driving to the MotorCity Casino of Detroit to enjoy a little poker gaming when he saw a meteor. After visiting the casino and playing poker, the player was able to activate a bad beat jackpot, earning a ton of cash for having the winning hand. Kenny Tallent feels that the meteor was a sign that good luck was coming that way on that particular night!

According to, Tallent was playing poker at the casino when the bad beat jackpot was hit for over $1 million. Tallent was holding quad queens when he won the hand against an opponent named Scott, who held pocket threes. The bad beat jackpot was activated due to the cards involved and Scott would earn just over $427,000 while Tallent would be awarded $213,700 for winning the hand.

At the MotorCity Casino, the bad beat jackpot is activated when a hand takes place where two players have quads, with both hole cards involved and the loser does not win, due to a ‘bad beat’. Both players were super excited to see the jackpot hit. The loser of the hand earns 40% of the overall jackpot while the winner earns 20% and the remaining 40% is split between whoever else is at the table at the time of the jackpot being activated. There were four other players at the table who shared the remainder of the jackpot between them during this recent win.

Tallent couldn’t believe his luck and felt like seeing the meteor on his way to the casino was a sign of good things to come. At first, he thought the green light he saw in the sky was a bomb, but later found out it was a meteor. NASA reported that the meteor was almost 2 meters wide and broke apart over Earth with fragments landing just outside the city of Detroit.

The bad beat jackpot actually set a new record for being the largest ever hit in the US, so perhaps the meteor provided a little luck after all!