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It’s been awhile since a criminal has brazenly entered a casino and robbed the venue at gunpoint. That is, until this past week. As first reported by actor/poker player James Woods on Twitter, the Bellagio Casino of Las Vegas, Nevada was robbed this past Tuesday when an individual entered the property and robbed a poker cashier at gunpoint.

James Woods’ Eyewittnessing The Robbery

Woods took to Twitter to recount the incident just after it happened. The actor stated that he was playing poker at the Bellagio when a guy walked up to the poker cage with a gun and robbed the casino. The incident happed just thirty feet from the poker player. Woods stated that the staff members were cool under pressure and they handed the money over quietly, so no one was hurt in the process, with no one even realizing what was happening.

It was later confirmed by police that a robbery had taken place in the casino and the robber had left in a silver Chevrolet Cruze. The vehicle involved in the getaway was recovered but the suspect remains missing. Captain John Pelletier stated that individuals who commit crimes like this one will be hunted down.

How Much Money Was Robbed From Bellagio

It is unclear as to how much money was taken from the poker cashier, but the amount was not enough to face a life sentence in prison according to Pelletier. It was reported that the robber was wearing a wig as well as glasses along with tape or some type of bandage to cover up his face during the robbery.

The situation was handled with great care by the Bellagio staff which resulted in a calm and unnoticed event until it was over. Ryan Laplante, a poker pro, spoke with on the incident as he was playing poker at the casino when the incident took place. The poker pro praised the staff as they were professional in handling the incident and did not cause a scene which most likely kept the situation from escalating further.