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The WSOPC ended in Mississippi’s IP Biloxi as the Main Event concluded. There were a total of 382 entries who created a prize pool of $578,730. It took three days of intense poker action for Kevin Johnson to win the first prize and a total of $127,319. Apart from the cash prize, that was also his first gold ring, and he managed to win a seat into the Global Casino Championship which will be a season-ender. John gave a brief statement, saying that he was feeling pretty good about reaching the final table. He added that at that point he already had won more than ever, so he hadn’t really cared about whether he was going to win the tournament or not. Furthermore, Johnson explained that prior to 2018 he had been on a 5-year-long break from poker.

He added that he had been traveling the Circuit for the biggest part of the year. He said that had been an active player in the early 2000s which was during his college years. However, he got a job and decided to give poker a break for some time. Needless to say, this was a huge return to the game. Finally, Johnson stated that $10,000 of his win was going to go for buying a seat at the Main Event in Vegas. Some of the players that managed to cash in the Main Event but did not make it to the final table are Michael Lech, Blake Purvis, Chris Conrad, and Dennis Brad. The final table consisted of nine players, and the first three to go out were BJ McBrayer, Chris Matters, and Dave Alfa. They were soon followed by Johnny Landreth, Timothy Conrow and Benjamin Thomas.

Now Ben Thomas is a guy that deserves attention as he managed to win the whole WSOPC IP Biloxi Casino Championship due to the amazing performance at Event #4: $400 NLH where he won his first ring and a prize of $12,659. Then, he was third in Event #7: $400 NLH One-Day, and finally, he managed to rank 13th in Event #8: $400 Monster Stack. Also, add the fact that he ended up fourth in the main event. In other words, his luck and skills made him the second player in IP Biloxi to win a seat for Global Casino Championship. Back to the Main Event, the player to end up third was Mathew Higgins and the two players who ended up in the heads-up play were Luke Graham and Kevin Johnson. The final hand of the tournament was exciting as Graham decided to raise to 260,00 from the small blind. Johnson called it and a five, a four and a seven opened up on the flop. Johnson decided to check, and Graham raised to 325,000. At that point, Johnson decided to check-raise all in and Graham decided to snap-call off for 2.8 million. At that point, Graham was waiting for either three or eight as he was aiming to make a straight flush with a six-five in his hand. However, that wasn’t enough as Johnson had a ten-seven, and managed to end things up with a top pair.