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One of the first online gambling sites to offer multiple cyber currency options was The online gambling provider offers a host of gaming options with Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin as methods for making deposits and withdrawals. Despite their success in being one of the first poker rooms offering quality cyptocurrency, on Christmas Day, the poker room of Betcoin shut down, with only the casino and sportsbook remaining active.

Anytime a poker room shuts down, it is unfortunate, but Betcoin Poker will not necessarily be missed. Players of the site continually discussed issues with game play, including shady actions by the management staff. One example of the issues regarding the poker site includes a collusion ring being busted and instead of the cheaters being banned and victims refunded their losses, Betcoin decided to refund some of the money and use the rest to create a freeroll. The cheating players were also allowed to keep their accounts, with Betcoin stating they were keeping an eye on them, even allowing the players to keep some of the money they took from unsuspecting victims.

Betcoin Has Been Acquired

In a statement on the closure, Betcoin stated that they have been acquired, by an unnamed company, and informed players that the poker room will be no more as of the 25th of December. In the statement, Betcoin pointed out that the sportsbook and casino will remain in service and player accounts will not be affected by the closure.

It seems that the new owner does not want to become involved in the poker industry, or perhaps they are not interested in dealing with the issues that has plagued the poker room. It will be interesting to see who the new owners actually are and if they have any plans to reopen the poker room later on or if the poker offering of Betcoin will remain nonexistent.