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Bryn Kenney Wins $450,000Bryn Kenney won the USPO 2019 Event #7: $25,000 NLH in style after eliminating four opponents at the final table. He snatched a total of $450,000 as the first-place player. This is also the first USPO title for this popular poker player. This is not his first cash, since he managed to end up in tenth place in Event #1: $10K NLH, where he earned $27,000. In the overall points race in the USPO 2019 tournament, Kenney is currently located in fourth place, behind Stephen Chidwick, Sean Winter, and Cary Katz. However, this victory paved the way for him to start thinking about competing in this race and being a contender for the money offered by USPO for the best player of the tournament.

What Happened At The Final Table?

The final table consisted of six players, and none of them were able to fight Kenney, who seemed to be at the top of his form. Early in the final table, he managed to send Nick Petrangelo to the rail. This happened actually in the third hand of the final table, and Petrangelo earned $90,000 as the sixth place player in this event. The next one to lose all the chips was Nick Schulman, who was eliminated by Keith Tilson. Schulman was the only player in the final table who was not eliminated by Kenney. He managed to win $120,000 as the fifth place player.

Kenney was quick to act once there were only four players remaining, and he managed to bust Tilson with pocket threes against ace-jack. In other words, Tilson followed Schulman and had to exit the game, having lost all the chips. The next target was Ben Yu, who was a chip leader at the start of the final table but had most of his chips taken away by Kenney. In his last hand, his ten-six clashed with Kenney’s queen-jack, and he was out of the game.

The heads up play was between Jake Schindler and Bryn Kenney, and it was an unfair game at the start since Kenney already had a 10:1 chip lead, having won the chips from all the previous players he threw out of the game. It took Kenney six hands to finish the game and Schindler to hit the rail in second place. The heads-up play began well for Schindler, who managed to win the first five hands and seemed to have a chance at winning, but those were all small pots. In the last hand, he had ace-seven against the king-jack in Kenney’s hand. Another king appeared on the flop and secured Kenney a victory in this event.