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Global Poker is improving their offer and they are becoming gradually one of the best poker platforms for the players of low to mid-stakes. Furthermore, they have already become a perfect place for the total beginners who are interested in learning the basics of poker and then applying the knowledge right away on the platform. Although the website offers the so-called Sweeps Cash games where poker can be played with the real money, there are also the Gold Coin games. Gold Coins are actually the substitution for money on the website and they are mainly for players who do not like actually playing with real money.

Who Can Play?

If you ever registered on the Global Poker platform, then you are familiar with the Global Poker’s Gold Coin Challenges which grant you points for your performance in Gold Coin cash games. Gold Coins are awarded as follows: 100,000 Gold Coins are awarded to the top ten players in the Daily Leaderboard, 500,000 Gold Coins go to the top 50 players in the Weekly Leaderboard, and 2,500,000 Gold Coins are distributed among the top 100 players in the Monthly Leaderboard where the first person on this list is crowned the champion of the Gold Rush.

However, they have decided to go a step further and add some new things to their games choice. They already had a no-limit hold’em and Omaha cash games, but the players will now be able to try and play the interesting game called Crazy Pineapple. The only difference of this game in comparison to the others is that they actually get three hole cards. The players also get to compete with other players all around the world on this amazing platform called Global Poker. The competition will be, of course, in Gold Coins. It is indeed fun to actually get three cards and to discard one right after the flop. It adds to the suspense and the level of entertainment in comparison to the other types of poker.

However, Global Poker decided to go one step further and allowed the players who play with the real money to fill in the Speeps Cash bankroll by rising up the stakes in something called Daily Hundo Tournaments. But to qualify for a tournament such as this one, the players must have a resume of playing at least 25 Gold Coin ring-game hands. When eligible, the players can apply for this tournament buy buying a buy-in for either The Daily One Hundo (where the buy-in is $1 and starts at 9:35 p.m ET) or The Daily Five Hundo (which starts at 9:55 pm and costs $5.) Each player has an opportunity to win the tournament and multiply their win by a 100 times. This means that you can either win $100 in the first tournament or $500 in the second.