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It seems that lately, some people are seriously considering switching their careers – and somehow it is all related to poker in one way or another. The first shocker that the poker enthusiast heard was that James Obst, a poker player, wants to become a professional tennis player. However, the things did not end there as David Haye has recently announced that he wanted to start his career as a professional poker player.

The British media wrote over the weekend in several of their papers that this legendary boxer who is now retired and has 37 years wants to test his skills in poker as he could not box anymore. The great thing about already being famous and entering the world of poker is that it is easy to find sponsors immediately and the sponsor for David Haye will be Grosvenor Casino, which is a regional casino in the United Kingdom. The hold 55 casinos all over the country and are famous for organizing the Grosvenor U.K. Poker Tour. The first stop for David Haye will be the Goliath event that will happen next year. Haye stated that he was a complete novice and he was aware of the possible pitfalls when entering the world of poker. He added that he would take on Goliath and that he also wanted to try several other tournaments before that.

Haye’s Career To This Point

Haye was outstanding as a boxer. He was a cruiserweight category, which is one step below the heavyweight. He managed to stay on top for a long time, and since 2002 he has managed to win several titles, including the ones won over the boxers such as Alexander Gurov and Enzo Maccarinelli. Haye managed to set the record of 22-1 and managed to move up to the heavyweight category. However, he did not manage to make the extraordinary results there as he did in cruiserweight. Although he managed to win some of the titles, he was still unable to retain the win-loss record and finished his career with 28 wins, and 4 loses – still, a pretty impressive number. He decided to retire after losing twice to Tony Bellew. According to the Daily Mail, Haye was one of the best fighters from Britain in pound-to-pound ranking.

Haye is not the first sportsman who decided to try poker after his career. Poker seems like a natural way for many retired people who were very competitive during their careers in sports. Some of the other athletes that tried poker recently are Richard Seymour, Sergio Garcia, and Neymar Jr. David Haye will join them and, together with the sponsor, he will try to make his way in this game. It is important for him to have the adequate coaches, and some of the people who will teach him the game are Joe Beevers, Jeff Kimber, and Katie Swift.