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The main event of WPT DeepStacks Brussels saw nineteen players come back on the last day to test their luck and skills. All of them wanted to win the main prize of €110,000, which is roughly $123,824. Furthermore, the winner would also get a WPT DS European Championship package. After a fierce fight and a lot of great hands, a player from the Netherlands, Danny van Zijp, managed to defeat Jose Astima from France in the heads-up play and get the cash. Let’s take a closer look. Some of the other names that made it to the last day but did not manage to go to the final table include people such as Paul Berende, Aleksander Da Silva, Guillaume Darcourt,Ognjen Jakara, and Miroslav Prasil, David Hu, Gerry van Aalst, Alain Bauer, Christophe de Mulder, and Jean Seber.

The final table consisted of nine players who all got paid. The first one to hit the rail was Jean-Philippe Schoonbrood, who is also Dutch like the winner. Schoonbroob won a total of €10,700 although he had a very good start. The next player to go out was Cheng-Wei Yin, who was the only player from Belgium sitting on the final table. Yin is also a title defender, but this was not his day and he busted out after Schoonbrood. He won a total sum of €13,550. The next players to follow Yin were Tal Sardal from France, who won €17,500, and another French person called Cyril Mira who ended up sixth for €23,000. Rico Roumen from the Netherlands busted out fifth for €30,000 and was followed by a Danish player named Peter Jaksland who managed to win as much as €40,000. The third place belongs to Paul van Oort, who is also a player from the Netherlands. He managed to lose his last hand by going all-in with pocket fours against queen and jack that managed to find their pairs on the table.

The heads-up play between Danny van Zijp and Jose Astima did not take long. It was a series of short and quick hands but it took a setup before all was completed. During the final hand, Astima decided to go all in with pocket tens. At that point, Van Zijp was an obvious chip leader and he did not hesitate to call Astima’s bet. One thing was unexpected – he had a pair of jacks in his hand! The flop, turn, and river did not affect their play much and it all turned into a battle of what the players had in their hands. Sadly for Astima, luck was simply on Zijp’s side this time. This was an interesting conclusion to World Poker Tour DeepStack Brussels, where we managed to see a lot of interesting hands and some famous European poker players.