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Players who once enjoyed high stakes cash games at Unibet Poker will find these games are no longer in existence within the poker client. In efforts to protect the site’s ecology, Unibet has now decided to remove high stakes cash games from the equation.

In 2014, Unibet Poker relaunched, offering players high stakes cash games for Omaha and Hold’em with stakes of €400. In March of this year, even higher stakes were added with PL800 and NL800. However, it seems the online poker room has decided to no longer offer these games.

Main Priority Of The Brand Is To Safeguard

Unibet Head of Poker, David Pomroy, commented on the removal of the high stakes games by stating that the main priority of the brand is to safeguard the ecology of the site. With the addition of the higher stakes games in March, Pomroy stated that there were short-handed games and faster loss rates with recreational players within the higher stakes realm. The situation was reportedly not critical, but Unibet felt it was best to remove the games instead of waiting any further.

Pomroy did provide reassurance that high stakes gamers are not being left out in the cold. According to the Head of Poker, Unibet will be launching a new promotion in February that will be for recreational higher stakes players. They may also reconsider reinstating the higher stakes games that are being removed once they feel the right support structure is in place.

Online Poker Rooms Cater Towards Recreational Players

This decision comes at a time when online poker rooms continue to make changes to cater towards recreational players rather than poker pros. The goal of poker rooms today is to create a player-friendly environment, one where everyone is satisfied and content with gaming options. It will be interesting to see what new promotion the site will have on offer and if the high stakes games are reinstated in the future or if new gaming options are provided.