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When Steffen Sontheimer won the Poker Masters last year, it was a great level up for him and the new star was born among the poker players. It seems that this tournament repeated the history as the similar thing happened today with Ali Imsirovic. He is just 23 years old and he managed to win one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world. Imsirovic played great and his performance during the two wins will definitely go down in history.

Great Player Wins Again

The up-and-coming star won a total of $1,288,600 in the wins from the 2018 Poker Masters and managed to collect the most points in the leaderboard. However, he did not win the highest sum in the tournament. In fact, that was David Peters, who won about $50,000 more. However, the points system is not connected to the amount of money won and Imsirovic won by 10 points in the rankings.

After his second victory, the young Ali stated that very few things could compare to his wins and that he saw it as a very prestigious victory, mainly because one plays only against professionals, unlike the Main Event, where the field is huge.
When it comes to the live earnings from the tournaments, Imsirovic managed to double them. Before he entered the 2018 Poker Masters, he had a total of $1,115,899 – a sum which is still pretty impressive for a 23-year old. 2018 was a great year for him as he managed to win PCA $10K and get $160,050. Furthermore, he participated in a tournament in April called Borgata Spring Poker Open $2,700 Main Event and managed to set a career high of $246,066.

However, all of that seems so small at the moment with his $1.2 million that he earned from the events in the 2018 Poker Masters. At the moment, Imsirovic’s live poker earnings are at $2,404,499. During this tournament, he started off well and managed to finish on the 8th place in the first event and won $27,600. However, this was just a small taste of what was going to come, and he managed to top the Event #5: $25,000 NLH for $462,000 and immediately register for Event #6: $50,000 NLH. The sixth event brought him a new career high and he managed to cash out as much as $799,000.

Threatened, but not Overtaken

During the Main Event, there were a few contenders who could actually take the first place that he cemented with the two consecutive wins. However, none of that had happened and 2018 Poker Masters gave a birth to a new star who is yet to shine in the future. Imsirovic stated that there were a lot of players who were still better than him and that he had a long way to go before he reached their level.