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One of the most interesting things to do when watching poker live on streaming platforms is to try and guess what players are going to do. Viewers often argue about the actions that players take and whether they should have done something differently.

Overall, watching poker live on the web is a unique real-time experience, and we all get to be a part of it. Run It Up and PokerStars saw that there is room to improve this further by offering an interactive Twitch Poker Game. How does it work?

Basically, you can affect the actions that players in the game take by suggesting to them what to do. You can tell them things such as raise, fold, ship it, and more. However, you need to understand that you will no longer have access to the overview of the hole cards of other players.

Two companies, PokerStars and Run It Up Studios, worked together in order to make this game and make Twitch poker more interactive and more exciting to watch. The game is named Chat Plays Poker, and it’s the first type of poker game of this kind.

They plan to launch the game Sept. 26 and test it for the first time, according to the blog published by PokerStars.

Sommerville Aims High

Jason Sommerville is the owner of Run It Up Studios, which is a Las Vegas-based company focusing on improving poker experience. Sommerville stated that his ultimate goal is to “build Twitch poker.” By doing so, he would also help the game of poker grow and become even more popular worldwide.

One’s got to admit, making this new approach to watching live poker by engaging the viewers is simply brilliant. Players will be able to see the statistics, but what makes it complicated for them is the fact that viewers all have different poker experience. In other words, these games are watched by professionals and amateurs alike.

This is definitely a game that will make all online poker fans excited, especially if they enjoy watching live poker via Twitch. By merging live poker and the online world, the two companies behind Chat Plays Poker made a revolution of a sort.

It can help us get in the shoes of professional poker players and even influence their actions — at least a bit.

This type of live streaming can be quite interesting. Imagine that the viewers were able to notice something that the poker player missed. He would be able to look at the suggestion and realize that he is missing something. In a way, players could improve their game with the help of viewers.

On the other hand, viewers can make bad choices as well, and that’s what makes this game very interesting. If you want to try the entire Chat Plays Poker experience, you will have to make a Twitch account first, so feel free to test it out as it is available for playing now.