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Joe Cada is really on a streak this year, which will be remembered by him for a long time as a year when he managed to win two bracelets. The two bracelets this year were the addition to the previous two, making him a proud owner of four bracelets in total – way to go, Joe! He won it in the World Series of Poker Event 75: $1,500 The Closer No-Limit Hold’em. This event took place just a couple of days after the Main Event, where Cada managed to finish in the fifth position. There were a total of 3,120 entrants at the beginning of the tournament and Cada, who bears the title of 2008 Main Event winner, managed to emerge on the first place and win $612,886 in addition to the bracelet.

Cada stated that the feeling of winning another tournament was just amazing. He added that he had been running deep and good in all tournaments and that he felt good about the way he had played. Cada said that he was slightly upset by the fact that he had not been playing in many tournaments this summer. Cada continued to talk about his future, and World Series of Poker was one of the topics. He stated that it was highly unlikely for him to participate in this event as he was still not close to Shaun Deeb when it comes to the points needed to remain in the Player of the Year competition. Shaun Deeb was also one of the players who participated in this tournament. He also managed to get to the final day but busted quickly afterward.

Long Tournament Action

The tournament lasted for four days in total, and the heads-up on the last day was between the bracelet winner Joe Cada and Paawan Bansal. This duel between them can certainly be described as one of the most interesting, yet the shortest. The heads-up lasted for exactly one hand when Cada managed to emerge a winner and put Bansal on the second position which won him $378,765.

As soon as they were the only to remaining players, they both got all-in before the flop happened. At that point, Bansal had nine-eight of diamonds, while Cada held two tens – both of them red. The flop revealed another nine, which was a light of hope for Bansal. However, this was short-termed as Cada managed to river quads of tens which was a majestic end of the tournament. It is certainly one of the hands that he is going to remember for a long time. Another tournament that Cada won this year was $3,000 No Limit Hold’em – Shootout for $226,218. However, his biggest win so far was the 2009 Main event when he managed to claim $8,546,435 – a victory that put Cada among the greatest players in the world.