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The Super High Roller Bowl China recently finished up at the Babylon Casino with poker pro Justin Bonomo earning the first-place win. The field of 75 players was strong, but Bonomo was able to hold on and claim a ton of cash for his efforts, a total of $4.8 million in prize money.

The final table of the tournament would see seven players competing, each guaranteed just over $1.1 million. The first player to be eliminated was David Peters, after he put his A-Q up against Rainer Kempe’s pocket tens. The board provided a 10 on the flop, securing the hand for Kempe and sending Peters out in 7th place.

Stephen Chidwick would be eliminated in 6th after taking on Bonomo, with Bryn Kenney taking on Kempe and going home in 5th. Dominik Nitsche would bust out in 4th, with Kempe knocking out yet another player from the final table. Kempe flopped a straight and it was all over for Nitsche, who would have to settle for a 4th place finish.

When three-handed play began, it would be Kempe, Bonomo and Patrik Antonius competing. Kempe’s time had run out at this point, when he decided to go head to head with Antonius. Kempe had a set with the hand, but Antonius was able to earn a flush on the river to win the hand and move on to heads-up play with Bonomo.

Bonomo had the chip lead during heads-up play and would soon earn the title win. On the final hand, Bonomo would open on the button with 5-7 of diamonds. Antonius would three-bet with K-10 of hearts. Bonomo would call and the flop would show 8-10-J. Antonius would check, with Bonomo deciding to bet 4.5 million when the 9 of hearts showed up on the board. His competitor would call.

A Queen of spades would come on the river which would see Antonius wager 17 million. Bonomo would shove all-in and Antonius would call, despite being behind in chips. Bonomo would win with a straight and Antonius would have to settle for the second-place finish.

Final Results:

Place Player Prize
First Justin Bonomo $4,821,516
Second Patrik Antonius $3,152,434
Third Rainer Kempe $2,039,806
Fourth Dominik Nitsche $1,668,932
Fifth Bryn Kenney $1,483,495
Sixth Stephen Chidwick $1,298,058
Seventh David Peters $1,112,621