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Although one would not expect from Kenneth Kee to play tournaments, he went on and made a very precise run that won him an award in Triton Hold’em Event in Jeju. If you know about this new type of poker that has been gaining in popularity recently called short deck poker, you probably also know about Kenneth Kee who has been doing great work in that field. He showed that in his recent victory in this HK$1M event, where he won a massive amount of HK$22,500,000 (which is roughly converted into $2.86 million.) Kee was one of 60 entries to this event and emerged a winner in the and.

This player has an outstanding ability when it comes to stack maneuvering. He could do that and still stop significant chip swings happening. In fact, this could be considered his superpower with which he managed to win this game that is naturally of high variance. It is the variance that made a lot of people think that the game should be approached straightforward, but Kee’s technique and skill proved them otherwise. In fact, his skill offered a whole new set of dynamics to the game and even made it more interesting.

Strategy Behind Madness

Kee stated that people should not have gambled in some sports where they would have typically wagered in cash games. In fact, he added that this poker tournament was very similar to tournaments in no-limit hold’em. Furthermore, Kee said that the strategy that was generally used in this poker type was not too different from the plan that would typically be used in cash games. He noted that it was a game that was super new and that people still did not have an idea on how to approach it and how to properly utilize tactics.

Kenneth Kee is both a smart person who has figured the game out, but he also has one small advantage – he seems to be naturally talented for the card games, especially this type of poker. However, this does not mean that he didn’t prepare himself adequately. In fact, he underwent thorough training before the tournament and put a lot of hard work into his game. In fact, Kee said that he had watched a lot of tapes that are connected to poker and made a thorough analysis of the moves that players made. He then picked a few things and added them to his game to make it even better and entertaining.

Furthermore, Kee’s preparing also involved discussing short deck poker with his friends. He concluded that they all had some differences when it comes to the style of playing and that some people had figured out what was a little more GTO in short deck. Other players that were in the top 6 in the tournament were Cary Katz ($1,773,617), Richard Yong ($1,162,025), Peter Jettern ($802,715), Mikita Badziakouski ($588,657), and Ivan Leow ($451,049.)