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Let the WSOP Madness Begin Featured Image

The 2024 World Series of Poker will begin on May 28 and continue through July. The action will take place at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and the Horseshoe Las Vegas.

Players from all over the world will travel to Sin City to compete. Every tournament will offer a unique way to win money, but that’s not the only reason players will get involved.

There is also a Player of the Year race that takes place every year at the WSOP, and it typically comes down to the wire. For those who are interested in entering that race this year, new rules will govern how points are handed out.

More Focus In-Person

Ian Matakis was the 2023 Player of the Year at the World Series of Poker, but he did most of his best work online a year ago. He had nine online cashes, including a bracelet, but the new rules will favor those who enter the in-person tournaments.

Since most of the biggest names are coming to Las Vegas to compete in person, WSOP leaders want to ensure that they are given the best chance to rack up POY points. Only one online bracelet is allowed when looking at these standings, and only ten results will count overall.

Players who want to try to win the POY Award will have to compete in at least five tournaments in which they win money. A minimum of five cashes will be required, and only the best 10 individual results will be counted.

This will put a bigger focus on the top tournaments, as players will not be able to rack up points by dominating the smaller tournaments. Even though these rules were not in place a year ago, they would have significantly impacted how that race played out.

The player who wins the 2024 POY race will sit at the 2025 WSOP Main Event, and that’s a massive cash prize. A banner will also be created for the winning player to be displayed at both casinos.

New Opportunities For High Rollers

When looking at the recent list of POY Award winners, it’s pretty clear that the best players in the world have not had a chance to succeed. That will all change in 2024, as there will be a more significant focus on cashing at the top tournaments.

Some tournaments are not included at the POY events, but those are the tournaments that are not open. WSOP continues to have some unique opportunities out there for seniors and employees, but winners of those events won’t receive POY points.