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Dylan Linde, a coach at Run It Once and a professional poker player, had a chance to experience the outstanding energy that currently exists among the Indian poker players who are eagerly fighting for their right to play the game in their home country. He shared some of his impressions about this as well as about WSOP plans.

The main problem in India is that the government still considers it gambling, thus resulting in people condemning the game as dangerous and harmful to people. The existing poker society there is something really inspiring – they all stick together and try their best to take down the stigma that follows poker. They plan to promote the poker for what it is – a sport that requires a strong mind and great skills.

Linde expressed his amazement with their poker players, claiming that they were all so positive and that the atmosphere was great. Furthermore, he got the chance to experience a somewhat different attitude expressed toward poker which differs a lot, compared to the States.
What made Linde content was that everyone was eager to learn and they did not hesitate to ask questions even during the game.

Their league is not big but still well organized. There is a total of 12 regional teams, and each team consists of 10 players. Furthermore, every team has a mentor of a sort, who is usually a professional and well-known player. They also have a system of “wild cards” which involve teams inviting players who are widely popular to come to India and promote poker. Apart from Linde, there were also Martin Jacobson and Sofia Lovgren.

When it comes to the main competition, it lasts for four full days and includes Main Event, Tag Team, Heads-Up, Turbo, and Pot-Limit Omaha formats. The total prize for grabs is $750,000, and the teams who participate in the competition are allocated special points which they spend on the five aforementioned tournaments and putting their players there. Linde was amazed at how fans receive the teams and the players, with great cheering almost after every move. Even the teams have their songs, and a real team spirit can be felt among them.

World Series of Poker Plans

When he returned from India, Linde shared his plans regarding WSOP. In essence, he plans not to play a lot and have time for himself to improve his game. Linde stated that he had had a problem which involved playing too much poker. Therefore, he planned to continue with a pace that suits him the best – nice and steady. He said that he would not participate in all of the events and that some time off is what he needed. Furthermore, Linde expressed his wishes to more devote time to his fiance and his dog. So far, it can be seen on his Twitter account that he sticks to his plans.