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Another memorable event in the history of poker happened on Tuesday afternoon in Las Vegas when Maria Ho and Lupe Soto were introduced to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in the Orleans Casino. It was a result of their skill and hard work, and it proved that women who are strong could cause big positive impacts on the poker industry. Speaking of them, it is worth mentioning that Maria Ho managed to win $2.78 million so far throughout her career as an active poker player. Furthermore, she has also been working as a host and a commentator for various events related to poker for the last ten years. Ho is one of the greatest, and she is also friends with the greatest such as Daniel Negreanu. Also, she plays regularly for sums that often go over a million.

Lupe Soto is, however, not as successful in the game itself as Ho. She did play and had her fair share of poker, but her main mission was to popularize this game among women and simply introduce more female players into poker. Soto has been working tirelessly for more than twenty years to build a community of women who play poker and grow the network. She also worked on bringing the women who play poker online to the live arenas to compete for the big prizes.

The two women were introduced to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame where only 19 members have been introduced so far. Just taking a brief look at their respective histories says a lot about the strengths that each of them possesses. In fact, the numbers alone were good enough to show that both Ho and Soto deserve a special place in the history of poker. Now, they may be different when it comes to the aspect of poker that they focused on, but they have one thing in common – strong character and an undeniable love for the game of poker. Furthermore, both Soto and Ho show that they are persons who commit and whose persistence always bring results. Poker players, especially the female ones, can consider themselves lucky to have the two inductees working hard to make women in poker more popular.

Presentation from One Poker Legend to Another

Daniel Negreanu, who presented Ho in the event, told one interesting anecdote that splendidly described the strength of Ho’s character. He added that Ho’s empathy never took a day off and that he had known her for more than ten years. On the other hand, Soto was presented by another member of the WiPHoF – Linda Johnson. Linda stated that Soto had done the most for women in poker in the last twenty years. She continued talking about Soto’s past and the important shift she had made when she decided to live social services career and focus only on poker and computer science.