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Playing poker can sometimes be a family activity. In fact, just as every card game, poker can make many nights beautiful around the table of one family. Not many people will say that poker is a family game – but why not? Marie Harrell is a mother of a 21-year-old poker youngster called Trey, and they took the game to the next level and decided to join the Main Event.

So far, Marie has got into it, with seven years of casual playing behind her and one year of professional poker playing on the tournaments. She stated that she had always encouraged her son to play poker due to his strategic mind. In fact, she added that Trey had been a champion of the state in chess when he was a young boy and that he had had a natural knack for games.
Yes, all moms are proud of their sons and believe in them no matter what. However, Marie might really have a gem here as Trey did not even pay for his entrance.

Time in Tampa Bay

In fact, this University of South Florida student won his place in Tampa Bay Elite Poker League. The league had 30 members and lasted for 20 weeks. Every Thursday, they would gather to play poker, and the winner would win the Main Event package. Trey was the one who topped the league and won his entrance, where he met with his mom. Trey talked a bit about his experience in the big tournament and discussed one of the crucial moments – playing the first hand on the big tournament. Luckily for him, he said that he had been pretty calm but also very excited.

Trey was honest and said that he was not doing well in college. In fact, he admitted that he was studying just to get by. However, he said that he planned to focus completely on poker as he thought that he could excel at this game and make a difference. His poker skills are certainly undeniable, and that was confirmed by the other players with whom he played the league, as they nicknamed him “Fedor of TBEPL”. This was mainly because he is very good at poker, but also because he bore a resemblance to the legendary poker player.

Trey had trouble being on top of the list in the league, and the last week started with him on the 6th place. However, he managed to make a miracle in the previous game and suddenly jumped to the first position, winning the package as promised. Trey and Marie are the only people in their family who are interested in poker. He also has a brother and a sister who does not play but support their brother and mom whenever they can. As for Trey, his mother has a slightly different perspective on his future, claiming that poker is just a side fun for him right now and that he must focus on studying.