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Michael Addamo

The 2021 edition of Poker Masters is officially over. It concluded in an exciting fashion, with Michael Addamo being the one to get to wear the popular purple jacket.

The popular poker player managed to win the last two events in a 12-event competition and emerge on top, becoming one of the few to have the honor of wearing the jacket.

Addamo started by winning Event #11: $50,000 No Limit Hold’em, where he managed to snatch a total of $680,000. One day after that, he managed to top the Event #12: $100,000 No Limit Hold’em, as he topped the 29-runner-strong field and claimed the lion’s share of the $2.9 million prize pool.

The last event was rather exciting as several players in the final table had equal chances of winning the purple jacket as a trophy, including Mikita Badtiakouski, Alex Foxen, and Nick Petrangelo. In fact, the only player in the remaining five players of the Event #12 that didn’t have a chance to win the jacket was Stanley Tang from Hong Kong.

To get the chance to wear the jacket, Michael Addamo had to finish among the top two, which he obviously did. The first-place prize was $1.16 million.

In addition to the prizes from events, Addamo received $50,000 as the purple jacket winner. Addamo commented on the final event, saying that he had had “an incredible run.” He added that he had won a lot of all-ins and had never managed to make back-to-back victories of events as big as the two last ones in 2021 Poker Masters.

In other words, Addamo managed to win the combined prize of $1.84 million in just two events. Addamo concluded that he had been studying the game a lot but that he had plenty of things to learn.

Event #12 Overview

The final table of the last real money poker event of Poker Masters consisted only of five players. The first one to hist the rail was the most popular poker player from Belarus — Mikita Badziakouski, who won $203,000 for his effort. After that, it was time for Stanley Tang to leave the game with $319,000 in his pocket.

The third-place belonged to Alex Foxen, one of the most successful US poker players, who won $464,000.

Michael Addamo’s last opponent was Nick Petrangelo, who ended up with the consolation prize of $754,000.

The 2021 Poker Masters Leaderboard

As stated above, Michael Addamo topped the leaderboard with 808 points and is the only player who scored two victories in the tournament. He is followed by Nick Petrangelo, who recorded three cashes but no wins and had a total of 402 points.

The next one is Lou Garza in third and Daniel Negreanu in fourth place. Other players who made it to the top 10 are Brock Wilson, Chris Brewer, Jason Koon, Alex Foxen, Sean Perry, and Stephen Chidwick.

It’s safe to say that this list is definitely start-struck, as the majority of players listed above are some of the most successful poker players ever.