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The Maestral Resort & Casino in Montenegro is preparing for high stakes poker action this May with the return of the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series. In its third season, the series will run from May 12th to the 18th, offering seven days of high stakes gaming spread out over four events.

On May 13th, the series will feature a 6-Max Event with a HKD 240,000+10,000 buy-in, which equals to $31,876. The event will provide players with 50,000 in starting chips, with blinds set to increase every 40 minutes. Players will be able to reenter as many times as they like during the first eleven levels.

The Main Event of the series will begin on the 15th, offering a No Limit Hold’em tournament with a buy-in of HKD 960,000 + 40,000, which is equal to $127,505. This event will last for three days and have blind levels at 60 minutes. Players have way more starting chips, at 250,000 and reentries provided up until level twelve.

Also on the schedule, are two Short Deck Ante-Only tournaments. With this option, a smaller 36 card deck is used. The two’s, three’s, four’s and fives are removed from the deck. Aces will double as a five. This game style is very popular in the Asian poker community, so it will be interesting to see if it is popular as well during the Triton series.

The first Short Deck Ante-Only event will have a buy-in of HKD 240,000 + 10,000 and start on May 12th. Players will be given 100,000 in starting chips and two extra 100k that can be added at any time.

On the 17th, the second event will kick off with a much-higher buy-in Short Deck Ante-Only event, this time with players paying HKD 960,000 + 40,000 to compete. Players will be given 100k in starting chips again and two extra 100k bullets to add more depth to gameplay.

The schedule may be short, but the action large. Players will be able to compete in massive high roller events with added incentives to ensure gameplay continues at a rapid pace during the seven-day series.