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MasterClass is a place that gathers people which are the best at what they do. Their objective is to create a course which can be bought by the people who are interested in learning a skill. Some of the people who are a part of MasterClass are Stephen Curry (shooting, scoring, handling the ball), Gordon Ramsay (cooking), and Samuel L. Jackson (acting). One of the most recent additions to the team is Daniel Negreanu who will be teaching how to play poker.

MasterClass is not an old project. In fact, it was founded in 2015, and their goal was to give everyone on this planet advice and lessons from the people who are considered geniuses in their respective fields of work. Daniel stated that MasterClass contacted his agent about a possible collaboration and he liked the idea very much. He already knew about MasterClass and regarded is as a high-quality production. He added that it is a unique opportunity for him to show his skills and teach poker to the wide audience.

Furthermore, Negreanu claimed that there are a lot of poker schools online but that not many are known to the mainstream audience which made MasterClass a great opportunity for him to show poker to people who might not even know about it. He argued that people who would search, for example, for Christina Aguilera and her singing lessons would perhaps stumble on poker lessons and give it a shot.

One thing to simply keep in mind is that the lessons that Negreanu will give will not be targeted towards inexperienced poker players. In fact, he stated that people who did not know who to play poker would see this course as too advanced for them. Vice versa, those that consider themselves intermediate poker players would probably pick up useful pieces of advice from this poker master.

What will the course consist of?

There will be more than 33+ lessons in total that cover various aspects of poker playing. Negreanu filmed 7 for now, and they can already be seen by the people who buy the course. These initial seven lessons mainly focus on various strategies used for playing in tournaments and spotting tells. Impatient users will not have to wait long, though, as the next seven lessons are scheduled for the next week. Some of the additional topics will be covered such as playing poker online and handling cash in poker.

Furthermore, Negreanu will also provide a workbook which will be an inevitable part of the class and students will be able to ask him questions directly. The most useful and thoughtful questions will be chosen, and Negreanu will answer them. The legendary poker player believes that the students will need approximately more than a month to fully understand the course and learn all the significant bits. If the course proves popular, Negreanu is up for further courses and further cooperation with MasterClass.