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Dominik Nitsche and Douglas Lopes Win Big Prizes in Online Poker EventsLast Sunday, we were able to see some great poker action across the online poker sphere, and two names popped up — Dominik Nitsche and Douglas Lopes. Both of them ended up wealthier for tens of thousands of dollars after topping their respective events.

$1,500 Sunday Side Event

Dominik Nitshce took part in the $1,500 Sunday Side Event and won it. He has a lot of experience playing final tables of major tournaments, and he used it to navigate his way to the victory.

The event attracted a total of 370 entries, but Nitsche was the one to top the event and win a total of $96,428.

This poker tournament actually attracted many popular online and live players, including Dzmirty Urbanovich, who was the first to hit the rail in the final table, with a total of $8,154 in his pocket. Urbanovich was followed by Teddy Monroe and Pedro Maques in eight and seventh places, respectively. Monroe landed $11,105, whereas Marques won $15,123.

The sixth palace was reserved for Martin Pineiro from Argentina, who won $20,596, and Wei Zhao hit the rail after that for $28,049.

Sergi Reixach, one of Spain’s best, made it to the fourth place, where he lost all chips and won $38,199, and Adam Hendrix was the last one to hit the rail before the heads-up, winning a total of $52,021 in the process.

Nitsche’s final opponent was Alex Papazian, who had to settle for the consolation prize of $70,846.

$2 Million High Roller MILLION$

Brazilians seem to love high roller events, as they dominated the final table of the $2 Million High Roller MILLION$. In the end, Douglas Lopes celebrated the victory, winning a total of $256,974.

The first player to leave the game in the final table was Josh Zucchet from Canada, who won $16,205. After that, it was time for Israel’s Udi Harush to win the game for $23,650.

Peter Tamm ended up seventh for $34,515, and Thiago Carvalho hit the rail after that for $50,374. Carvalho was the first of four Brazilians to leave the game in the final table. The second was Eduardo Pires, who left the tournament right after Carvalho and won $73,516.

The fourth place was reserved for a Russian player Iurii Pasiuk, who managed to land $107,291.

The last three players, two of them from Brazil and one from Uruguay, decided to make a three-way deal, and each received more than $200,000 in prize money. The first one to hit the rail was Thales Koppe from Brazil, winning a total of $215,553 in the process.

Uruguay’s Joaquin Melongo faced Lopes in the heads-up but failed to win the event, ending up with $246,093 in prizes. In the end, Lopes was the one to celebrate a victory in this event, receiving more than a quarter of a million as his final prize, which is a significant boost for his future poker adventures.