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Although the center of attention for the last couple of days was partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK, there were a couple of other side events that happened all over the globe that were worth considering. One of those events is was also a part of the partypoker tournament and is called £25,000 Super High Roller.

Big Contest

There were a total of 51 entries to this event, which is the one with the biggest buy-in at the partypoker festival. The winner who managed to beat the other 50 entrants turned out to be Steve O’Dwyer. He managed to win fair and square a nice sum of £450,000 which is approximately $592,000. This was his 44th cash that had six figures at least. Furthermore, O’Dwyer also received a trophy for his efforts, which is just one more to his collection of trophies and victories that he has been acquiring over his career as a live poker player.The final table consisted of seven players, but the cash prize was reserved only for the top six players, which means that one of those people who made it almost to the end had to hit the rail with empty hands. That one unlucky person was Ryan Riess, who is one of the top professionals from America and a champion of the World Series of Poker Main Event. He lost to a hand by Aymon Hata and helped the others burst the bubble.

When the players entered the final six, the German player named Christoph Vogelsang had the chip lead, and O’Dwyer was somewhere in the middle when it comes to the number of chips. However, Vogelsang had less than 40 big blinds which still gave way for anyone to win the game. Niall Farrell was one of those who tried to pressure O’Dwyer and played a Queen and a 10 against an Ace-King that O’Dwyer had. At that point, he managed to gain a lot of chips and completely busted Farrell who exited the game soon with a sum of $78,993. It took the winner a couple of hands before he managed to gain a command over the game. At one point, it was pretty clear that he is the most probable winner of this event.

Final Three

When there were three players left, O’Dwyer had a total of 51 million in chips, which left Kisacikoglu and Gonzales to try their best and turn the tides. Naturally, that was all in vain, as O’Dwyer played smart and put it a lot of effort to complete the game as soon as possible. The heads-up game was between Steve O’Dwyer and Fabrizio Gonzales who is a player from Uruguay. O’Dwayer had 9-1 chip lead at that point and the last game Gonzales went all in with the pocket aces, only to face the two pairs by O’Dwyer.