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Online Super Series Has Started at ACR PokerIt has already been a busy year for online poker players, and the action is only going to continue to heat up throughout the year. Live poker tournaments are also taking place throughout the country, but ACR Poker is trying to keep some people online.

ACR Poker runs one major event each year, and the Online Super Series is officially underway on the site. This Online Super Series will run from February 12th through the 26th, and there will be a number of big events taking place.

What is so great about this series from ACR Poker is that it really is open to everyone who plays online poker. The smallest buy-in for a tournament is set at $1.10, while there are also some massive buy-ins for the biggest players.

The complete list of events can be found on the website, but there are also some events that stand out right away. This series always draws some of the top online poker players in the world, but it’s also a chance for ACR Poker to attract some new customers.

Big Cash Prizes Available

While all of the tournaments are expected to draw some big crowds, two main events come with a guaranteed $1 million prize. There is also a $500,000 cash prize in another big event, and those three tournaments are already loaded with players.

One of the main events will take place on February 25th, and it’s a $1,050 buy-in to try to take home a piece of the $1 million prize. On February 26th, there is a $215 buy-in for a chance to win a share of $500,000.

There is also a main multiflight event that will have a $1 million cash prize available to the winners. That action already started on February 11th with the first flights, and the winners will get together at the end of the month.

Not only are players competing in each individual tournament but there is also a chance to climb up the leaderboard. At the end of the series, ACR Poker will give the three leaders a chance to play in the $12.5 million Venom Tournament.

With so many big prizes available, this series is expected to be one of the biggest events of the year.

Time to Get Signed Up

Another nice feature of this series is that it’s not too late for anyone to get signed up and join in the action. ACR Poker is currently running some great promotions for new customers, and those bonuses can be used to enter in the biggest events.

There is currently a 100% percent first deposit bonus being offered by ACR Poker, and that’s guaranteed up to $2,000. That money can then be used to enter one of the contests, giving players a chance to cash in.

ACR requires the use of a promo code in order to get the full bonus that is available for new customers.