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It seems that the poker players from Greece really know what they are doing this year at the PartyPoker LIVE MILLIONS UK. The first one to win an event in this tournament was Ioannis Angelou-Konstas, who managed to win £940,000 in the Main Event, beating Alex Foxen in the heads-up and many other rockstar poker players in the final table. The second Greek to win an event here is Konstantinos Nanos, who managed to win PartyPoker LIVE MILLIONS UK £550 Finale and celebrate together with his colleague who won a trophy just one day before Nanos. There were a total of 871 entrants for this event and the final cash prize that Nanos took home was £84,014. Furthermore, he also won a nice-looking trophy that will serve as a reminder of this great success for the rest of his life. The finale lasted for three days and 123 players returned on the third day, all of them hoping to make their dreams come true and receive a nice sum. However, only Nanos managed to do that as he dominated throughout the tournament.

He had no time to rest and was in the action from the beginning as he managed to outlast players such as Fredrik Bergmann and Tamer Kamel. They were both eliminated in separate hands and that was when the bubble broke and Nanos became the chip leader – a title that he did not hold for long. In fact, he managed to lose a significant amount of chips, but that did not affect him as he managed to preserve his momentum and make the chip count go up again as the players were reduced to the final three tables.

The final table consisted of seven players. The first one to go was Garinder Purewal, a player from the United Kingdom, with £9,000. Soon to follow was Catalin Dumitrascu, a player who performed well in the previous part of the tournament and managed to eliminate two players at once but was now out of luck. He earned £13,500. The players who went out after Dumitrascu were Richard Barr (£20,000), James Golder (£28,500), and Mauricio Pais (£40,000). This left two players to fight for first place: Pim de Goede from the Netherlands and Konstantinos Nanos from Greece. When the two players were the only ones remaining in the game, they struck a deal to share the remaining money according to the chip number. The winning player would also get the additional £15,000, as well as the PartyPoker, LIVE MILLIONS trophy. Nanos managed to win a big pot as he was lucky enough to hit a straight on the river and managed to have 5-1 chip lead. It was not long after that when he managed to beat De Goede with ace-king over king-three.