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Poker is a game that requires a lot of nerves and the best players are often required to stay calm and not show their emotions to the opponents. This is difficult when the players play face-to-face. However, even the best of the best lose it every once in a while, but it is bad when it happens on an official tournament and out of your turn.

Such is the case of Phil Hellmuth, who made a string of swears to his opponents after the things did not go his way. This happened on the second day of 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event. Phil is an extraordinary player, having won 14 bracelets during his lifetime, but his swears during the game on a featured table that PokerGo broadcast was something that was not expected from him – at least not again.

The blow-up happened at one point when he was playing against Alex Kuzmin and James “Camby” Campbell. There were bets taking place, and when Hellmuth decided to rise to 6000, Camby decided to go all-in and check-raised to 26,200. At this point, something went off in Hellmuth who started his series of swears.

Potty Mouth Strikes Again

“This mothaf*****g guy… f*****g go away with murder against me all day…” This was just a part of his rage and the players as well as the other people who watched the game were disappointed with this kind of behavior which is not expected in any type of game or sport – especially not in poker, where the players need to keep their calm.

The problem here was that Hellmuth completely distracted Kuzmin whose turn was to make his betting decision. In fact, one of the biggest issues was that he took some action out of his turn – even if that action means being nervous and swearing.

The end of the turn ended up with nobody getting hurt and Camby heading to the rail. The game continued with a normal pace and Hellmuth eventually managed to calm down. After the game, he wrote a piece of text on his Twitter and apologized for swearing. He stated that it had been a three-way pot and that he shouldn’t have lost it. Furthermore, Hellmuth wrote that it had been a 15th time that the other players had moved all in on him and that his emotions had got better of him.

This is not the first time that Phil Hellmuth does something like this. In fact, there is a compilation video of all his rants and swears, and everyone can conclude that Phil Hellmuth is one of the people who cannot keep their cool for long. Other players and poker audience often wonder whether he does that on purpose to distract other players or not. Nevertheless, Phil Hellmuth still remains one of the greatest players of this game.