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Back in July, PokerStars promised players who lost their funds at rival poker room PKR would be able to claim their money and now the brand is making good on their promise. Players who were subject to losing funds via PKR that have yet to be reimbursed have until the end of the month to file a claim. A special link has been created for players to file claims, with submissions being accepted until February 28th.

PokerStars has stated that players who are still owed funds should check their email for the brand sent out one referencing the claims process. The email might have been sent to the Junk Mail box, so players are encouraged to check there as well.

Players will find the claim filing process can be completed here. To be able to earn credit, players will need to be a member of PokerStars. Players who do not have a PokerStars account can open a new one, so the credit can be placed in the new account.

PokerStars is urging players to file a claim if they are owed funds. The process just takes a few months and will help players to receive their funds that are way past due. The issue with PKR began back in May of last year when players were unable to access accounts all of a sudden. The site was suspended by the Microgaming Network which led to players being unable to withdraw any balance within their account.

It seemed that players would not be able to see any retribution, so PokerStars decided to become involved. Joint Administrators worked with PokerStars to help provide access to the player database of PKR with PokerStars able to inform account holders of PKR that they were offering to refund player accounts based on the balance as of May 11th.

The recent emails sent out by PokerStars are to ensure that players who have yet to claim funds can do so. The option will be void after February 28th, with players still having plenty of time to file a claim.