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25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha and there were a total of 37 entries. The tournament was held at the PokerGO studio which is located right next to the Aria Resorts and Casino. After a lot of great plays and great hands, Keith Lehr emerged a winner and managed to win a fantastic figure of $333,000. Furthermore, he won a total of 300 points for the Purple Jacket race. Lehr is not new to this type of tournaments, and his play is known worldwide, especially when it comes to Omaha cash tournaments and games. He has managed to earn almost $3 million in live cashes and even a WSOP bracelet – all of them naturally in the Omaha. This master of poker has already managed to earn his first cash in Poker Masters and is on a good way to win the Purple Jacket race.

How to Event Went Down

When it comes to this event, it will be remembered for very a very deep final table that had more than 50 big blinds. The chip leader of Day 2, Jonathan Depa, almost held over 100 big blinds at one point. Due to these deepstacks, the audience could see some really slow play, and it was a long time before the first elimination in the final table happened. Once the first person hit the rail, the speed of the game suddenly went up and the whole thing ended in just two hours.

The most exciting thing during the final table happened with Brandon Adams since this was his third consecutive final table. Adams had the second highest number of chips at one point, and he already is the leader of the 2018 Purple Jacket race. He was in the great position to add more points to this race and distance himself from the competition and increase the chances to wear the jacket. Adams ended up on the 5th place, winning a sum of $74,000.

Speaking of places and sums, the second place was taken by Jonathan Depa taking home a figure of $222,000. The third place was won by Ben Yu and had a total of $148,000. Isaac Haxton was fourth with $92,500, Adams fifth, and Dan Shak sixth, winning $55,500. The heads-up play was pretty exciting, and it took several hands before Lehr managed to leave Depa with only one blind. Eventually, Lehr emerged a winner, and the audience could see some great play during the whole tournament.


When it comes to the rankings for the Poker Masters Purple Jacket, Adams is now a definitive leader with a total of 510 points. David Peters is currently second with 300, and he shares that place with Keith Lehr who won his 300 points in this tournament.