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Poker revenue up in April

Live and Online Poker all around the United States has seen positive growth in the recent months, but April has proven to be one of the most lucrative so far. From the poker rooms in Pennsylvania, the small, but meaningful gains in Delaware, and the huge growth at the online casinos in New Jersey. This is great news for everyone, as there are more players, more revenue, and much better competition.

PokerStars Making a Killing

The world famous online poker site, PokerStars, has been enjoying very lucrative months ever since they launched in March, and they have been crushing their competition. According to the Division of Gaming Enforcement, during the month of April the top revenue generated was by:

  • PokerStars: $1.2 million
  • PartyPoker / Borgata: $745,000
  • com / 888poker: $664,000

We can see that PokerStars has almost double the revenue than their main competitor, PartyPoker, and it goes to show just how successful their launch has been. It is with these figures that they are helping their online casino counterparts, bringing in a total of $17 million last month.

Delaware’s Small Online Poker Gains

Delaware was one of the first states to legalize and regulate online poker, despite the fact that their player base is not nearly as large as those of Nevada or New Jersey. They still enjoy having a small, but growing market. April has become their new all-time high in terms of generated revenue during the three years they have been in business. Bringing in $267,801.30, which beat the previous record of $260,539 that was generated in March.

It seems that the i-Gaming business in Delaware is making small but consistent strides towards growth, and it could expand even further if they pass a bill allowing out-of-state players to participate in their online poker games.

Pennsylvania Rooms Bring in the Money

The poker rooms in Pennsylvania brought in over $5 million in April, higher than the same month in 2015 ($4.8M) and 2014 ($4.6M) figures. With only 226 tables in the entire state, this has proven to be very lucrative last month. The revenues generated so far this year have fluctuated, but they seem to be leveling out at above the $5 million mark.

  • January: $4,789,340
  • February: $5,145,025
  • March: $5,166,167
  • April: $5,019,180

Comparing them to the $9.7 million generated by Nevada in March, it looks like Pennsylvania is doing a great job at bringing in the money.