Poker Tournament winner WSOP #43 CPPT Main Event HPOC

It has been a very busy few days, as some major poker tournaments and events have ended, crowning several great players as the winners. We have the latest winner of the 2016 World Series of Poker, George Danzer taking the gold bracelet in Event #43, Zac Stites winning the Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Main Event, and finally, Dejuante Alexander winning the Hollywood Poker Open Championship. Many tournaments were going on at the same time and yet there were still huge turnouts for each.

Danzer Takes his Fourth WSOP Bracelet

The German poker pro, George Danzer was able to take his fourth gold bracelet during the $10,000 Seven Card Stud 8 or Better Event, where he stood out from the other 136 players that participated. He took the top prize of $338,646 in cash, saying this when he won,

“It’s not like you win three every year. That’s tough to do. Last year was a brick year for me, so this is becoming a much better year, so far. Everybody always tries to race for bracelets. But we do not have a rivalry among our players. We all try to help each other out and are cheering for each other, but we also try to be the best we can. I hope Dominik wins his fourth soon, so I can then go out and win my fifth.”

The final table results:

Place Player Prize
1 Goerge Danzer $338,646
2 Randy Ohel $209,302
3 Justin Bonomo $148,601
4 Esther Taylor-Brady $107,551
5 Todd Brunson $79,381
6 Eli Elezra $59,773
7 Scott Clements $45,935
8 David Grey $36,044

Stites Wins Card Player Poker Tour

Out of the 289 other players that participated in the $1,100 Card Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Main Event, Zac Stites managed to take first place. He ended up taking home the trophy, as well as the $61,136 in cash. Stites is not a professional poker player, as he is an industrial engineer from Orlando, but we could see him try his hand at bigger tournaments.

The final table results:

Place Player Prize
1 Zac Stites $61,136
2 Mark Smith $42,986
3 John Redlitz $27,650
4 John Swope $17,246
5 Brian Woods $13,326
6 Brandon Miller $11,038
7 Brittney Loy $9,277
8 Jared Reinstein $7,627
9 Jie Liu $6,112

Alexander Takes on Hollywood

Dejuante Alexander played for four days in the Hollywood Poker Open Season 4 Championship Event, where he took the trophy and $297,644 in cash. 655 other players signed up and played in the event, but it all came down to a heads-up battle between Alexander and Aaron Mermelstein, who decided to strike a deal giving Alexander first place after a long back and forth battle.

The final table results:

Place Player Prize
1 Dejuante Alexander $287,644
2 Aaron Mermelstein $240,000
3 Brady Bullard $134,557
4 Thomas Muehloecker $93,496
5 Michael Tureniec $67,943
6 Julian Parmann $52,730
7 Bryan Piccioli $44,311
8 Calvin Anderson $36,926
9 Michael Aron $29,541

There are plenty of live poker tournaments and events that players can take advantage of going on every week, where they could also have the chance to walk away with first place glory and tons of cash.