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To provide even more variety for online poker players, PokerStars has announced the introduction of a new game titled Split Hold’em. The new gaming option is similar to double-board hold’em and has two full flops, two turns and two rivers, dealt at the same time. Split Hold’em will provide yet another quality poker game for members of the top online poker room.

The win the full pot in Split Hold’em, players need to have a winning hand on both boards or see their opponent fold before the showdown takes place. If a player has a winning hand on one board, they will earn half the pot.

On the PokerStars Blog, Representative Dan Price, commented that the new game is an example of new variants the brand has been working on. According to Price, PokerStars feels that the game provides an engaging challenge and opportunity for gamers to test their skills in a new format.

PokerStars has decided to run the new game for a trial period. The amount of time the game will be available has yet to be revealed. Curious players are invited to try Split Hold’em while it is available. The online poker room will be watching to see how well-received the new game is and that will determine if the variant will remain at the site permanently.

Split Hold’em is the latest new game introduced by PokerStars, since their latest addition, Power Up. Back in October, PokerStars launched Power Up for real money wagering, a esports style game. The Split Hold’em game will be using the Seat Me system at PokerStars. This means that when players take their seat at the Split Hold’em tables, they will be able to choose the stake they want to play instead of manually choosing a table and seat.

It will be interesting to see how players react to the new game and if it becomes a popular, permanent staple at PokerStars.