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The RGPS Kansas City Main Event Awards William McCracken $83,099William McCracken isn’t a novice player on the felt since he has won various tournaments in the past. He signed up for the recent RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) Kansas City Main Event. It featured 423 skilled players.

McCracken beat Eddie Northcraft in the event’s last hand to win the Thunder Valley Dream Seat, RGPS champions ring and $83,099 top prize.  It was the second-biggest score in the former’s career after winning the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) in Kansas City in 2016. Yet, he finished second with $28,833 in the 2016 RGPS Kansas City Main Event.

His recent victory increased his lifetime poker winnings to more than $450,000 and improved his position in the Missouri all-time poker money list. The champion stated after the tournament that he will compete in this December’s Wynn Championship.

What the Top Finalists Received

  1. William McCracken-$83,099
  2. Eddie Northcraft-$55,399
  3. Jesse Jones-$40,754
  4. Shaun Emery-$30,335
  5. David Hengen-$22,850
  6. Blair Hinkle-$17,421
  7. Shane Fuller-$13,444
  8. Ron Walker-$10,504
  9. Spencer Sanchez-$8,310

The Final Day’s Action

Jones and Emery were among the toughest opponents to beat on the tournament’s final day. They collected many chips shortly after the day’s action kicked off. The duo advanced to the final table being second and first on the leaderboard respectively.

Emery held 2,745,000 chips while Jones increased his stack to 1,730,000 chips after busting Matt Snook in the 10th position. Jones ended Spencer Sanchez’s run in the ninth position after beating him in straight-over-straight action.

Blair Hinkle’s five-six suited dominated Ron Walker’s ace-queen suited, earning him trip fives and busting his opponent in eighth place. Luck was on Northcraft at that moment as he started winning pots simultaneously. He knocked out Shane Fuller in the seventh position after his bottom straight defeated his rival’s gutterball and top-pair.King-Queen suited hand

Hinkle used a king-queen suited to shove before Jones called him with a superior ace-jack. Unfortunately, Hinkle lost and finished sixth.

David Hengen followed Hinkle in the fifth position shortly after McCracken’s ace-nine beat his jack-nine. McCracken’s classic kings dominated Emery’s aces and eliminated him in the fourth position.

The former’s ace-three beat Jones’ king-queen. Northcraft’s queen-ten defeated Jones’ queen-nine and sent him home in third place. His exit set up a fierce battle of the blind between Northcraft and McCracken.

Northcraft had a 2:1 stack lead when their action began. But McCracken doubled up in their battle’s first hand and turned the tables. He continued winning more hands before going all-in in preflop.

Northcraft called McCracken as each of them eyed the title. The former made an ace-queen flop and the latter revealed an inferior jack-nine.

Even so, the flop revealed a nine that earned McCracken the title and first-place prize, while Northcraft took home a $55,399 consolation prize. The next RunGood Poker Series stop will occur in Cleveland between November 2 and 12. Poker diehards can visit various gaming websites to get live broadcasts.

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