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Ronald Keijzer managed to win the first place and take the bracelet, winning a tournament against 901 other players who participated in it, having won $475,033. This was his first bracelet, and he won it in the Event #69: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Handed. Keijzer is actually from the Netherlands which has seen six players who won the World Series of Poker gold so far, him being the sixth one.

The second place was taken by Romain Lewis, a Frenchman who managed to land himself a prize of $293,553. Right after him was Scott Bohlman, an American who won a total of $199,572. The names that followed are Mohammad Abedi, James Chen, and Ryan Lenaghan.
Keijzer stated that he was pleased, mainly because he loved Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments. This was the exact reason why he traveled all the way to Vegas – to compete in his favorite game. Commenting on the game, he said that all had happened fast and that he had joined the 1.8 million table in only 20 minutes, himself having had 4 million. He thought that his position on the table had been good with his stack, the stacks of others, and intense pressure of ICM.

An exciting thing about Ronald Keijzer is that he is only 26 years old, which is considered pretty young for a poker player to win a gold bracelet. In fact, he belongs to the group of online poker players, and all of his success so far was through online poker platforms, where he managed to gain significant experience and skill. Therefore, he rarely goes out to tournaments, but this was an exception to him – a rather sweet exception, as it turns out as he could have imagined this tournament better.

Tournament to Remember

There was a lot of fast-paced and exciting action during the whole tournament, and Keijzer easily dominated the most of it. After that, James Chen was out of the game, the three players who remained gave an excellent show. Bohlman, who had his first bracelet several weeks ago, was on the third place although he had a chip lead when they began the three-headed play. He eventually lost to Romain Lewis which only meant that the heads-up can start between Ronald Keijzer and Romain Lewis.

Surprisingly, the heads-up did not last long. In fact, it was a type of game that can only be described as straight-vs-straight which was a recipe for a quick ending. After that, Keijzer emerged a winner and managed to win his first bracelet.
The future certainly looks bright for this player, and it is up to him to decide whether he will attend more live World Series of Poker Events or not. Keijzer is an extraordinary poker player, and every poker player hopes to see more of him in the future.