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There are many inspiring stories in poker where people start playing and get things done without getting too much into it and without paying too much attention to the technical aspect of the game. One such story begins with Nick Schulman. Today was a great day for him as he managed to win HKD 100,000 Short Deck Ante-Only Event which was held at the 2018 Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju. Schulman had neither experience nor knowledge of the previous poker events. In fact, this was his debut, and he managed to turn it into a victory. 61 entries competed to win the first prize that was HKD 2,135,000 (which is roughly converted into $272,000). It is a rare case in poker, but it happens now and then.

Talent Oozing out of the Man

Schulman is something that is called natural talent. He has had success in both no-limit hold’em and other various types of poker, and it seems that he has a knack for every kind of card game that he decides to play. He also thought that the best way a short deck was described is to look at it as a mix of PLO and no-limit hold’em. Also, Schulman added that he had no idea what he was doing and that was all the fun for him.

Schulman continued to comment the game and said that he still did not know how to play the game actually, but every time he played with all ins and won every single game, that was the way to do it. When the final day of the event began, things did not look good for Nick Schulman who was in the tenth place when it comes to the number of chip. Somewhere in the middle, he played a hand against Ivan Leow and managed to increase the number of his chips. However, he still did not look like a person who would win the game. What came after that was a series of great hands when it all seemed that Schulman is one foot at the exit door, but he managed not only to save himself but increase the number of chips as well.

In fact, Schulman was building his chips with incredible speed, and when the heads-up began, he had a 9-1 chip lead over the player whom he played against – Kenneth Kee. But Kee was not an easy opponent, and it took a lot of luck and skill to win the game against him. He managed to double his number of chips, but this proved to be not enough for Schulman who had a great day behind him. In the last hand, Schulman had top set against top two and knew that he was victorious even before the river. There will be four tournaments more coming in 2018 Triton Super High Roller, and Schulman will take part in some of them.