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Sean Perry Tops $25K High Roller at Venetian DeepStack Championship SeriesThe 2021 Venetian DeepStack Championship Series took place on Saturday, and part of it was the third High Roller tournament in May. Ali Imsirovic won the first $10,000 High Roller, landing a total of $200,200 after beating Shawn Daniels. However, Daniels managed to redeem himself by winning the second $10,000 High Roller for a total of $175,500, combining his winnings to $321,800 in just two days.

High Roller Event #3

However, this article is about High Roller Event #3: $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em. The tournament attracted a total of 43 entries, and the prize pool was $1,075,000. Since this was part of the PokerGO Tour, players also received points to rank in the leaderboard of this online poker series.

The winner was Sean Perry, who managed to snatch a total of $365,500 for his effort. Perry, who also appeared in the eighth season of High Stakes Poker, managed to win against Bill Klein in heads-up, winning the main prize.

The final table consisted of seven players, and the first one to hit the rail was Sean Winter, who earned 26 points and won a total of $43,000. After that, it was time for Cary Katz to leave the event, with $64,500 in his pocket and 39 points.

Chris Brewer ended up fifth and won a total of $86,000 with 52 points. He was soon followed by Ali Imsirovic, who won the first High Roller event. Ali managed to earn $118,500 for his effort, as well as 71 PokerGo tour points.

The three-handed play took place between Sam Soverel, Bill Klein, and Sean Perry. It lasted for several hours, as every player took the chip lead for a while. Soverel was the one to fall in third place. His jack-eight suited were no match for ace-ten in Klein’s hand. That way, Soverel had to leave the game with $161,250 in his pocket and 97 points.

At the start of the heads-up, Bill Klein had a 2:1 lead against Sean Perry, having just taken all the chips from Soverel. In the end, however, Klein was the one that ended in second place, with a total of $236,500 and 142 points. Perry collected a total of 219 points.

Negreanu’s Shenanigans

Negreanu didn’t make it to the final table, but he was once again the main focus for many poker lovers due to his outgoing personality. During Level 11 (while close to the money bubble), Negreanu raised the button with pocket nines. Chris Brewer decided to three-bet jam with ace-four from the BB. Unfortunately, the board ran out with ace high, and Negreanu lost most of his chips. He stated on his Twitter that it was “starting to get really stupid.”

Shortly after that, Negreanu decided to stake his last 65,000 with pocket sixes, and Brewer once again decided to stay in the game, calling with ace-seven. Unfortunately, the board was once again ace-high, and Negreanu had to hit the rail. However, before leaving the table, he jokingly said, “How do I break these things?” referring to the plexiglass in front of him. Unfortunately, the divider wasn’t as strong as he thought, so he ended up holding a broken piece.