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This week’s online poker scene seems to be nothing short of major announcements from industry’s big players. The latest to hit the tabloids is the release of PokerStars new game, Showtime Hold’em. The launch of Showtime Hold’em comes after the site’s previous trial with Split Hold’em Poker. Tested this spring, it is believed that Showtime could be the best version of NL Hold’em series.

The new game offers players incentive to be more vigilant about their opponents’ cards. It does so by allowing players to see each contender’s cards every time they fold them throughout the hand. Knowing which cards have been folded enable players to know the ones remaining in the pack allowing them to make calculated moves, especially when waiting on key cards that help complete or improve their hand. Also, during the pre-flop round of betting, the information helps the betting action of players holding high pairs’ when other high cards have been folded.

Other than information on outs and odds, Showtime’s insights reveal the nature of players on board. For example, based on the folds being handed, you can tell if you are dealing with a bluff or premium open hand. The extra information available is what makes Showtime Hold’em eye-catching to most online poker players. Several speculations have surrounded Showtime’s launch in the past. A while ago, rumors had it that the new game would debut once SCOOP was done. Some even claimed to have had a glimpse of the game’s graphics.

Despite all the rumors, what was still unclear is how the game would be played. Some people assumed that players would be required to show one of their cards once the flop was dealt. Others thought the difference from the standard NL Hold’em would be that players would be required to show their cards after the showdown. But from what it appears, the launched version is far more interesting from what was speculated. Showtime is all about improving player’s skills. It probes players to be more concerned with the moves being made to gain more info about contenders.

Before heading out to try the new game, it is advisable to take lessons from available online tutorials. They will teach you some important steps that might be overlooked in the excitement of trying a new game. PokerStars is pretty optimistic about the release. The company hopes to draw large followings after the release. Their target market is the average player who is looking to learn one or two about other player’s psychology so that they can improve their hand and raise their stack.

Even though some players are expected to warm up to the game, the game might miss some top-level players who are looking to keep their strategies a secret. Showtime Hold’em Poker is scheduled to air for a limited period on the PokerStars site. Players are being instructed to take advantage of the period to learn more about other player’s betting strategies before time elapses.