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WSOP Online Super Circuit May 2020The 2020 GGPoker World Series of Poker Online Super Circuit is currently underway. The sixth gold ring event recently wrapped up, and the main trophy was awarded to its winner, “JoaoValli.” The country of Brazil seems to be doing pretty well in online poker, as Event #5 also ended with a Brazilian player nicknamed “BlaireauEnColere” winning the ring.

“JoaoValli” took more than 13 hours to complete the event, which bears the official name Event #6: Deepstack Bounty Hunters $500K GTD. A total of 3,615 entries were recorded, but it was the Brazilian who won the first place, winning the prize of $51,879.

However, that wasn’t his entire money prize. He managed to earn an additional $32,827 in bounties, earning a total of $84,706, which was more than twice as much compared to the runner-up. In other words, it’s safe to say that the player from Brazil really managed to dominate the game.

The event came with a guaranteed sum of $500,000. However, since a lot of players were interested in taking part in it, the final prize pool was $723,000. In addition to that, players also had an opportunity to collect bounties, and “JoaoValli” seems to have seized the opportunity pretty well.

Event Action Overview

Event #6 started at 2 pm ET, and players immediately began collecting bounties. The guaranteed prize was the same for the first two hours of play, but it broke over $500,000 during the third hour.

The action started speeding up once the registration period ended, and it took approximately an hour to burst the bubble. In other words, the pace was pretty rapid, and the final table was created somewhere around 1 am ET.

The first two players to leave the game were “sissyphus” from Bulgaria and “Vamooooooooos” from Mexico. The Bulgarian player earned a total of $8,293, and the Mexican had to settle for $8,160. Although “sissyphus” was the first to hit the rail, he managed to earn more in bounties.

After that, it was time for a Norwegian player “IAMWILLIAM” to leave the game with a total of $8,557 in their pocket. Next, “mrbradleyy” from the UK hit the rail and was followed by “gringo843” from Austria. The UK player won $18,828, as he had collected a lot of money via bounties. The Austrian player won $14,076 for their effort.

The next player to hit the rail was ChapoGuzman, a player from Israel who managed to win a total of $23,123. The last player to exit before the heads-up play could start was “fishuncle” from China, who won $27,059.

“JoaoValli” met with “HowdyTeeexas” from Canada and managed to win the event in the end. The Canadian player won a total of $40,385 for their effort, with $36,405 coming from the regular prize pool, and $3,980 coming from bounties.

Several more ring events will take place as part of the WSOP Online Super Circuit in the next couple of weeks.