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Poker Central, which is a project created by the people at PokerGo, will expand their scope of entertainment by creating a partnership with Stadium. Stadium is a unique type of sports network that spans over several platforms and offers both live games and on-demand games. They decided to joint-launch the “Friday Night Poker” which will be on Facebook Watch.
The first episode of this show will land on September 21 and it will be on a weekly basis. Those who watch will be able to interact with the people from poker in real time as they are playing a cash game – no-limit hold’em, to be particular. Some of the most persistent and luckiest fans can even get a chance to participate in some of the live games.

Simmons Rolling With the Punches

Sam Simmons, who is Poker Central’s vice president of content, stated that Poker Central was continuing its growth and expansion which resulted in social channels that were highly engaged. He added that the fact they had created a “customized viewing experience” which would be utilized via Facebook Watch represented a great milestone in that growth plan for Poker Central.

The place where the series will be held in the studio of PokerGo which is located at ARIA, Las Vegas. The episodes will usually air from 7:00 – 11:00 pm ET (with a 30-minute delay). The plan for the show is to be shown every Friday, 13 weeks in a row. All of them will air on Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch is a revolutionary platform where episodes and conversations are blend into one, creating a unique community for every show. You can download the app for both Apple and Android devices, or you can access it via your laptop or desktop computer.

The CEO of Stadium, Jason Coyle, stated that they had taken great pride when they evolved the live television from traditional into something completely unique in the world that also had elements that are social and interactive. The best part of that is that they did not lose any quality when it comes to the content they are offering. Coyle added that he was really excited about the fact that they would use all those interactive elements and bring together poker fans in a new and exciting show on Facebook.

Great Platform

The hosts of Friday Night poker will be the famous podcast hosts for PokerNews Jeff Platt, Brent Hanks, and Amanda Leatherman. The will help with the Q&A parts where the viewers will get to ask the players at the table some questions. This is a completely unique approach because the fans will actually get to ask the questions related to strategy as the players play poker. The hosts will also participate in the show, offer their opinions and thoughts and review lineups for the next episode. This review will be released every Thursday at 7:00.