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There are not many women in poker. In fact, only five to ten percent of the players of women and there is no reason not to promote it to the female population as poker is a game open for every human being. Luckily, there’s Linda Johnson, a poker player who has been in the game for quite a while now. She is one of the pioneers and makes way for other women to consider and eventually start playing poker. She is not only considered one of the best, but also one of the most enthusiastic as she shares enormous love towards the game.

She stated that poker was definitely her favorite hobby and that she was always looking for a new game or the next hand with a lot of enthusiasm. Of course, Linda has plenty of other interests, and poker is not her primary job. However, she cannot hide that she loves the competing thrill and occasionally winning extra money. Linda Johnson has a great list of accomplishments in the poker throughout her history of playing it. If you just take a look at the induction to Hall of Fame and Honors, you would know what a big name she is and what kind of respect she has in the poker industry. A lot of people who are into poker consider her one of the greatest female players of all time.

Linda Johnson was introduced to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2008 with three more female poker players – Susie Isaacs, Marsha Waggoner, and Barbara Enright. However, the introductions did not stop here, and it was only three years later that Johnson saw her introduction to the Poker Hall of Fame, sharing the happiness with another player that was introduced that year – Barry Greenstein.

Johnson With Her Work Done

One of her greatest achievements was winning the gold bracelet in an event in 1997 called $1,500 Seven-Card Razz. She piled up more than $400,000 from tournaments and managed to win many other important achievements in poker. Some of the varieties of poker that Linda Johnson prefers are mostly H.O.R.S.E and razz. As previously mentioned, poker is just one of her interests, and she also loves things such as theater, movies, dancing, and traveling.

Linda is more than 30 years into poker, and she was one of those people who could watch World Series of Poker evolving over time. She noticed that there is one thing about the game itself that has changed a lot and that is sociability. She said that poker had been more sociable in her youth and that today everyone just stares at their phones. This socialization factor, Linda believes, is the most important thing to get more people involved in the game, especially women. She advised young women who want to play poker professionally to find a mentor and to find friends with whom they can talk about poker.