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Although it’s that time of the year when we all need to remind ourselves of the good things we did in the past 12 months, we also sometimes need to remember some of the mistakes we made. This is necessary to prevent them from happening again in the upcoming year. 

One of the stories that really shook the online poker community was the alleged cheating at poker by Michael Postle.

It was something that had to happen to remind all poker lovers that such things can still happen nowadays, despite all the technological advancements and security measures taken by online poker rooms and land-based casinos.

The story started with a tweet posted by Veronica Brill, who accused Postle of cheating in live streamed poker games that took place at Stones. What confused Brill was that Postle was able to win a lot of money and play perfectly all the time, as if he knew something that other players didn’t. 

Michael Postle Cheats on Stones Live

It all seemed unreal as he boldly bluffed and called huge bets, winning almost every one of them.

It could be called a pure coincidence if such hands happened every once in a while. However, no poker player is that good. Once you take all the things into account and connect them, the answer was that something was definitely not right at Stones. 

Brill was led by intuition and pure logic and discovered that there’s something wrong at the casino. In other words, she connected all the dots, and the big picture was something she definitely didn’t like.

Ingram Joins the Case

Joey Ingram sometimes visits Stones to do live commentary and was suspicious at first when it came to Brill’s accusations. However, Brill went one step further and decided to publish a video of Postle playing some unreal hands. 

Don’t forget — all games were live-streamed, so there was plenty of evidence. Once Ingram viewed the video, he couldn’t believe how unreal Postle’s hands were.

At this point, the majority of the poker community wasn’t really into it. However, things escalated when Haralabos Voulgaris and Scott Seiver viewed the video and started tweeting about the possibility that Postle might have been cheating after all. 

Ingram and many other poker enthusiasts started analyzing almost every hand made by Postle, who continued claiming that he was innocent and that he has a unique playing style.

The Postle saga continued with more people joining the research, and Ingram taking a really deep dive into all things connected to Stones and Postle, who seems to have had one of the best success rates ever in poker. 

What was odd is that he never actually played other poker competitions as successfully, which was one of the main reasons to suspect that he was not innocent.

At one point, they took the matter to the court, but no hard evidence has been found about Postle’s cheating, although many believe he somehow had access to software that reads hole cards.