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Last week was one of the best in the life of Tim Burt who had a blast during the 2018 Gulf Coast Poker Championship which took place in Biloxi at the Beau Rivage Casino. The first event where he cashed out was the Opening Event. Burt did not manage to win it, but finished on the second place and won $42,563. However, the Main Event called the $1,350 Gulf Coast Poker Championship Main Event was a turning point for him, when he managed to go all the way to the end and win it for an amazing prize of $103,752.

The Opening Event saw a total of 1,738 entries, while the Main Event had 375 contenders. In other words, both events are considered a huge success for this 37-year-old poker player. The whole championship consists of 13 events which are played during the course of 11 days and it is considered one of the biggest events related to poker that happen in the south. The manager or the Beau Rivage Poker, Henry Garrison, stated that the Gulf Coast Poker Championship continued to grow in popularity as more players come to play it every year. He added that the popularity of this year’s championship was mainly due to the new “Beau Format” that they had introduced. According to this format, all of the players who make it to Day 2 are guaranteed some kind of payment. Garrison added that the poker community had received this format with excitement and that they always wanted a feedback from the poker players in order to make their tournament the best in that part of the world.

When it comes to Tim Burt, he is naturally excited about his performance on this championship. Burt stated that he had felt great while playing because he considered that casino his home for over nine years. He added that he had said to himself not to chop the Main Event and to really try his best. On the other hand, Burt stated that he didn’t enjoy poker as much as he had used to since there was a lot of pressure present now. Burt said that the 2018 Gulf Coast Championship Main Event was his most special win since the considered it his home field in a way. Furthermore, Burt stated that Henry Garrison was doing an extraordinary job with listening to the players who participate in the tournament.

Burt joined the army after turning 21, which was a short time after 9/11 had happened. He was in Iraq twice for four years and devoted his life to poker after that. The second-placed player in the Main Event was Hiep Doan, and he was followed by Warren Sheaves, Mack Ham, Starr Valdez, Don Dove, Nicholas Langford, Nesrin Can, and Frank Alpanidar. Burt’s plan is to go next to the Bahamas where the partypoker series will take place.