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The 2018 WPTDeepStack Marrakech’s Main Event for 13,200 MAD is won by François Tosques. This tournament has been going on for five years now and it is organized by Casino de Marrakech and World Poker Tour together. However, this is the second tournament that was also marked with WPTDeepStacks Europe banner. Tosques managed to defeat Jaouad Abida in the heads-up battle and collected the prize for the first-placed player that was 1,000,000 Moroccan dirhams, which is approximately $106,095.

Others Involved

Some other players that did well on the tournament are Fabio Pinho Damaso, who started the day great but eventually finished up as the third. Furthermore, there is a Kalidou Sow who was WPTDeepStacks Vilamoura High Roller. In fact, he managed to win a tournament in Marrakech a few days earlier but now had to settle for the eleventh place.The victory was anything but expected for this professional French poker player who was in favour of the short stacks during the whole tournament.

This was really different from what we saw in Event #68: 1,111 Little One for One Drop, where he had a deep run and managed to end up on the second place. This event happened last summer in Las Vegas. Tosques had a command over a top stack during the whole tournament back then but missed a bracelet narrowly. It seems that he had adopted a completely different approach now, coming from behind and victoriously seizing the first place for himself. He really had some outstanding plays that led him to his success during the Main Event of this tournament. Tosques even gave a short comment on his plays, stating that it was crazy because he had been short-stacked for the better part of the tournament. He added that he had never expected to win the tournament.

Tosques is not the first one from France to win this event. In fact, he is the second consecutive winner from this country. Smain Mamouni was the first, who won last year the same sum of 1M dirham. This is no wonder, since Morocco is just one short flight away from France, and the French language is one of the official languages in this country. Furthermore, Casino de Marrakech has a lot of French visitors who eagerly visit this country and the casino. Naturally, Tosques was also very content with the environment and said that it was a really nice experience to play in that casino which is a part of Es Saadi Resort. It was his first time playing that tournament and he seemed pretty excited about the venue. The Frenchman was happy to share his joy with his colleagues and friends who were looking at the game from the rail. The prize of approximately $100,000 is the second largest sum that he won. Furthermore, this is the first live tournament for Tosques since the last one he played in February 2017.